Will and Grace, the Compression Suit Episode

Why is Jack wearing a compression suit?

It’s a crazy look for sure. But beyond the comic relief, compression is a vital way to help the body recover from surgery faster and stronger.  Think of Medical-grade compression as science in clothing. In the FDA registered and tested products like those made by Marena, these garments use fabric and algorithms to stretch around your body in precise ways. The result is a garment that works with the body’s lymphatic system to massage out toxins, support muscles, improve skin tone and reduce bruising.

Brands like Marena Recovery use a patented fabric and design to keep you comfortable throughout your post-op journey. If the body suit hugs the affected area properly, you’ll immediately see the benefit and can move about easily, feeling supported and strong with every step.

If only Jack had used Marena we’d have said, “See Jack Heal. Faster.” #WhyCompression #JackInTheSuit #WillandGrace #MarenaRecovery

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