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The Secrets of Compression – Why Compression

The Secrets of Compression

Many people still don’t quite understand what it is that makes compression –or even compression apparel in particular– work. When it comes to Marena’s compression-wear, three applications of this technology merit any consumer’s consideration above all:

Compression has been proven in clinical trials to benefit patients by promoting faster healing, improved circulation, and support for the lymphatic system, muscles, joints and skin. Marena’s Recovery garments feature a patented four-way stretch fabric that provides optimal, medical grade compression. This unique fabric is soft and comfortable enough to offer substantial recovery benefits post-surgery, but also continues to aid many patients as part of their ongoing, long-term maintenance. Compression serves as a preventative, can minimize risk of infection, and has the added benefit of providing peace of mind. Given the many healing benefits of compression, Marena’s compression garments have been recommended by over five thousand medical professionals.

But compression garments are no longer just for patients recovering from surgery. Today, thanks to Marena’s Sport line of apparel, both competitive and casual athletes alike are wearing medical-grade compression garments before, during and after their workouts. These garments have been specially made to maintain form and stand up to the rigors of regular physical activity, while also being hypoallergenic, wicking moisture, remaining lightweight and breathable enough to allow for freedom of movement and thus enhancing, not impeding performance. At the same time, the many healing benefits of compression apparel which have aided patients for years are now also available to athletes, reducing swelling, minimizing risk for injury by keeping muscles secure through warm-ups and cool-down, and streamlining the body for optimum output and peak results.

The doctor-approved compression, protection and streamlining afforded to both patients and athletes is now  available in Marena Shape. Anyone wants to look, feel and play their best, whether it be for special occasions or just in the regular day-to-day, and by applying compression technology to shapewear, Marena has been able to transform people’s lives, instilling a sense of confidence and self-assurance they may not have experienced otherwise, while also providing them with the added, healing benefits of compression in comfortable, no-run fabric.

Whatever you may have thought of compression apparel before, one thing is for sure: compression works, and the secret’s out on the countless benefits and applications of Marena’s apparel.

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  • does marena have compression sport braswith pockets for prothesis p

    • Yes, we do. Any time you see a P in the product code (e.g. B01GP, 804ZP) it’s a bra with pockets for that very purpose. 🙂