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Insiders’ Notebook: Athletes and Compression – Why Compression

Insiders’ Notebook: Athletes and Compression

Any athlete and competitor will attest that a huge component in attaining peak performance comes through gaining that mental edge. This can be reached by measuring up the field of competition and recognizing an opponent’s relative strengths and weaknesses, but it also comes through the assurance and confidence gained by eliminating any risks and hurdles that may get in the way of optimum results.

Compression apparel has become an integral part of training and competition for many athletes, particularly in recent years. Applying Marena’s patented four-way stretch fabric to Sports compression wear is an ideal means by which to aid athletes through the entire training and competition process: whether warming up, exercising and competing, or cooling down and recovering.

Consider the insider perspective of two informed, top-level athletes:

Hope Watson is a competitive soccer player with the Chinatown Soccer Club in Manhattan’s Bowery Premier League. Hope doesn’t train vigorously every single day, but she certainly feels it after a weekend game, and on those occasions she turns to compression apparel. “On a Sunday I can wear the compression gear and feel fresher for the week as opposed to not thinking about my recovery and walking around with sore muscles all week.”

For Hope, Marena apparel stands apart from other compression apparel because the garments are strong, yet comfortable and stable: “it’s really tight, you kind of feel svelte and like a little skinnier maybe. Your muscles feel a little more connected and you definitely feel aerodynamic.”

Matt Willis is a Spartan Race athlete who has been ranked among the top 150 in the world. Matt trains incessantly, six days a week and for anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours a day. To maintain a competitive edge, Matt uses Marena compression daily;  it allows him to feel streamlined and enjoy the benefits of hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking fabric while keeping his full range of motion. But what about compression apparel when it comes to the speed and efficacy of athletic recovery? “That is paramount. And I can’t recommend it highly enough for any other athlete out there… we all need recovery, we all need joint support, and whether you are a fine-tuned athlete or a weekend warrior, we have the same needs, and Marena can take care of us both.”

Ultimately, Marena’s advanced technology garments should not be limited to the highest-level athletes. The same advantages afforded to professionals thanks to compression garments are just as valuable and important to anyone engaged in physical activity and eager to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

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