A Little Birdy said Compression is Good for Golfers Too

Don’t tell Senior Golf Champion, Bob Royak, that the benefits of graduated compression wear are only reserved for high impact sports like OCR and rugby.

“I hit the gym 5 days a week and wear the compression shorts every time I work out,” says Bob. “They are the best I have ever worn and really allow me to push my workouts without fear of injury.”

And lest you think the concept of golfers at the gym an oxymoron, a quick glance at Instagram tells a much different story. Look up #golffitness and you’ll be greeted by almost 70,000 posts – a diverse collection of weight training, balance and movement exercises and dozens of trainers and coaches dedicated to improving the stamina and strength of the athletes participating in this global sport.

Graduated compression, as designed and perfected by Marena, is well suited for golf, as the mechanics of swinging the club relies heavily on the arms, legs and torso. From the turn of the hips to the accelerated movement through the shoulders, virtually every part of the body is used repetitively, shot after shot, hole after hole. These special garments “graduate” the compression as it moves up the body, increasing and improving circulation, which promotes faster healing and stamina.

Bob doesn’t only use his Marena gear at the gym though. For him the compression sleeves are vital to keep his arms from getting fatigued, something especially important for the rigors of continuous days of playing 18 holes during tournaments. “I’ve actually wear the Marena compression sleeves at night. They help my arms repair from all the swinging wear and tear and feel great!”

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