Compression for Every Day

Not all compression garments are created equal. When worn to aid recovery, assist in athletic performance, or to simply look and feel your best, they can provide a beneficial and very specific short-term use. Fortunately this is where Marena comes in, manufacturing garments featuring a patented four-way stretch fabric that keeps shape over the long term while staying soft on the skin. This ensures optimal, medical-grade compression that is comfortable enough for extended-wear.

The notion of ‘compression for every day’ comes backed by extensive research in the medical community. A recent study from The Aesthetic Center For Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas titled ‘Post Liposuction Compression Garment Comparison: Is There A Difference?’ drew a direct correlation between the long-term wear of comfortable compression garments in aiding recovery. In the conclusion of five fellows from the American College of Surgeons, when comparing the competition, it was Marena’s compression garments that made the most “significant impact” in leading the pack. Put simply, patient comfort correlates to patient compliance which, ultimately, correlates to patient recovery and satisfaction.

Much of this success is due to Marena’s dedicated quality assurance testing, ensuring that their garments offer consistent compression, maintaining stretch, power, softness and moisture control of the fabric. Marena garments have been proven to provide the comfort, support and softness that wearers need -and demand- irrespective of use, and for this reason may be readily adopted for beneficial day-to day wear as part of any healthy lifestyle.

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