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Compression 101 – Why Compression

The science and application of compression dates as far back as Ancient Greece, where evidence exists that doctors were aware of and practiced compression concepts in treating patients. Centuries on, scientific research and technology has evolved considerably to create sophisticated, dependable garments that produce proven, positive results.

Compression garments are specially designed to promote better healing, confidence and higher performance in those who wear them. These garments can be tailor-made to varying degrees of compression, specific wearer-needs, and may even be prescribed by doctors. These garments can be classified into three types:


Medical grade compression can be applied to patients for non-invasive procedures and treatments like deep vein thrombosis, or in post-surgical recovery for an assortment of needs, including but not limited to post-pregnancy, plastic surgery, and mastectomies. Compression effectively applies an external force to an area of trauma and promotes the reduction of swelling and bruising to eventually improve on surgical results in the long term.


These athletic garments offer superior, results-driven compression and lend the wearer assurance, regardless of the activity. Whether simply maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle or competing as a professional athlete, many people now use compression garments as a means of active maintenance, aiding during warm-up, exercise, through cool-down and recovery by keeping muscles warm and secure without losing any range of motion.


Specially designed to allow the wearer to look and feel their best, shape garments have helped transform the way people dress. They instil self-confidence through targeted compression to produce a more svelte, streamlined appearance without sacrificing on comfort. Shape apparel is a practical choice for special occasions or as part of one’s ongoing day-to-day wear.

For over twenty years Marena has been a global leader in transforming lives through science and design innovation, inspired collaboration, and providing medical-grade compression courtesy of their special, patented four-way stretch garments. Today, Marena manufacture products that directly cater to these three tiers of Recovery, Sport and Shape.

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